Some notes to use Veritas Volume Manager on Solaris

View configuration:

vxprint -th

List disks:
vxdisk list
vxdisk -o alldgs list (shows deported disks)

Replace a failed drive:

vxprint to see which disk is failed. Take note of disk media (dm) and disk group (dg) name.
vxdiskadm to remove (item 4) the failed disk. If there are not hot spare disks answer “none”

Replace phisically the disk.

vxdiskadd to initialize (just initialize) the disk. Say “not” (n) to default disk name, make it as spare disk and to encapsulate it. Don’t set the media disk name but just exit. The new disk is now initialized.

vxdiskadm to substitute the failed/removed disk (option 5).

  • Enter the media disk name.
  • The access name (like c#t#d#s#).