As I usually work in environments where firewalls are configured to block access to cvs servers, I need to set my cvs client to tunneling the connection through an http proxy server.

Before to take advantage of this feature check your company policies!!! Ask before to risk your carer!

First of all, what do you need?

1. A cvs version that support the http proxy tunneling, the posted link should give you an idea on which version you need. Actually I’m using cvs client 1.12.12 .
2. You need an http proxy that support http tunneling.

Now, if you have an http proxy that support http proxy tunneling you can set your CVSROOT.

export CVSROOT=:pserver;proxy=;proxyport=8080:[email protected]:/cvsroot/elc

And finally you can
play with your source code.

cvs checkout elc

The next time hopefully I’ll explain how to do the same with ssl.