These are just some useful notes to work on Cisco equipments.

The above link is really well written and with lots of information.

If you know almost nothing about network (like me) or if you are sure to know everything about it, it’s better if you take some time to study this field and keep your hands far from switches and routers.

How to set your “terminal emulator program

  • VT100 Emulation
  • 9600 Baud
  • No Parity
  • 8 Data Bits
  • 1 Stop Bit

Enter Privileged Exec Mode

Submit the commad enable (or just ena)

To go back in User Mode disable or just dis.

Set line passwords

  • Console port

Router# configure terminal
Router(config)# line console 0
Router(config-line)# login
Router(config-line)# password your-line-password-here

  • Aux port

Router# configure t
Router# line aux 0
Router(config-line)# login
Router(config-line)# password your-aux-password-here

  • Virtual ports from 0 to 4

Router# configure t
Router# line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)# login
Router(config-line)# password your-vty-password-here

  • “Enable” password

Router# configure t
Router(config)# enable password your-enable-password-here

Show Commands

Router# show interfaces
Router# show startup-config
Router# show conf
Router# show run

Copy, restore and save commands

Router# copy run start
Router# reload

In the next part some useful commands to configure interfaces.